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Sacred Butterflies ®

Sacred Butterflies ® supplies the finest quality artwork printed on paper or canvas using the giclée printing process to museum or art gallery grade as fine art prints. The same designs are also available to buy as greetings cards for all occasions including Christmas. The designs are the artwork of Robina and Judith working in the mediums of graphite pencil and watercolour paint. Please make your selections of the designs you would like from the catalogue by using the selector tree on the right. Information on prices, papers and finishes, sizes and inside messages (where applicable) can be found by clicking on the appropriate tab above.  

The Butterfly

The butterfly has carried potent symbolism for eons throughout many cultures and civilisations. The Greek word for butterfly ‘ Psyche ’ also means the ‘ soul. ’ Other symbolic associations include peace, hope, joy, love, rebirth, and even spiritual transcendence. The holy trinity has likewise found expression in the form of the butterfly. One may ask how such a delicate form can be so heavy with meaning. The answer could lie in the magnificence of its symmetry and proportioned structure or sacred geometry.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry, or Pythagorean geometry, starts with the first number as one, as opposed to zero according to Euclidean geometry. The number one is the unity from which everything else springs. Unity starting in the singular number one, progresses to multiplicity through proportion and golden mean ratio. The structure of a butterfly is complex and yet strikes the onlooker as proportioned and symmetrical. Its beauty is awe inspiring. It is said that the golden mean ratio, when translated to the musical scale, fills the listener with the vibration of pure love, as though a tuning fork within were struck and one resonates with this love which is the bliss of unity. It could be that this same resonance is awakened when one beholds the perfection of symmetry and proportion in visual form, which could be why the butterfly excites the soul and inspires wonder. The greater the perfection of the symmetry, the more awe inspiring becomes the complex form as the symmetry is a reminder of this primary unity.